In the Netherlands temporary rent is permitted under the following circumstances:
– Campus contract: in order to rent accommodation on campus, one must be registered with – for example – Maastricht University or Zuyd University of Applied Sciences.
– Short stay contracts for overseas workers and students: this concerns contracts that are drawn up for a short and fixed amount of time. The contracts are mainly for expats and exchange students.
– Youth contracts: if your rental contract is a youth contract, the tenant is required to vacate when they turn 26.
– Vacancy law: vacancy laws apply to premises which will be sold, knocked down or renovated in the foreseeable future. The rental contract spans for a minimum of six months. The period of notice for the landlord is three months.
– Fixed-term rental contracts: a fixed-term rental contract is legal, but only when one of the following circumstances applies:
o The homeowner will reside abroad for a short period of time, and will return to the accommodation thereafter;
o The homeowner wants to rent out his newly bought property until they move in

The tenant does not pay rent, only a small sum for utilities. When the tenant does have to pay rent, it is no longer considered anti-squat. A rental contract and rent protection then apply.