Your rent price is made up of the basic rent for the accommodation itself and additional costs also known as service costs. Service costs are forward payments for the usage of utilities such as gas, water and electricity. The forward payment is made monthly as part of your total rent.
Service costs may apply to the following:
– The upholstery
– The furniture
– Use of gas, water and electricity
– Use of a cooker, refrigerator, oven and/or microwave
– Use of a washing machine and/or dryer
– Use of television, internet and/or telephone
– Cleaning provisions

Before the 1ste of July of each year your landlord is required to send an overview of all the costs made in the previous year. If you suspect the overview is incorrect, you can take this up with your landlord. The landlord can be requested to specify the costs, substantiate them and send them within three weeks. If the landlord does not comply, we can start a case at the Rent Tribunal for a ruling. However, the Rent Tribunals verdict only applies to the tenant heading the procedure. For the verdict to apply to all tenants, extra steps have to be taken. It is possible to challenge advanced payments for service costs up to three years hence payment.