The following points should be part of your rental contract.

Basic content of a rental contract
– Tenant’s personal information
– Landlord’s personal information
– Total rent – subdivided in basic rent and service costs
– Deposit amount
– Address and description of the premise – square footage of room, number of rooms, living room, bathroom, garden
– Starting date of rental contract
– Time and method of payment
– Date on which rent is increased (optional)
– Agreements on maintenance defects – who is responsible for fixing what
– (House)rules and regulations
– Signature of tenant and landlord

Terms and conditions and other important arrangements
– How to terminate the rental agreement
– If a successor may be appointed upon rent termination (coöptatierecht). The landlord can turn down the appointed applicant, but needs a valid reason to do so.
– Use of a shared kitchen, bathroom, toilet, television, internet and/or telephone
– Cleaning of communal rooms and facility’s
– Use of electrical and/ or additional heating
– Upholstery and/or furniture
– Privacy and disturbance – can rooms be locked for example?
– Are visitors and overnight guests allowed?

Service costs
Service costs are additional costs on top of the basic rent. The service costs have to be stated specifically and specified in the rental agreement. It has to be clear what these costs consist of and what the amount is of each cost. Service cost may apply to the following:
– The upholstery
– The furniture
– Gas, water and electricity
– Use of a cooker, refrigerator, oven and/or microwave
– Use of a washing machine and/or dryer
– Use of a television, internet and/or telephone
– Cleaning provisions