Would you like to know if the amount of rent you’re paying for your accommodation is correct?

The Dutch Government has a point system to calculate the basic rent of an accommodation. The point system divides property by using the rent ceiling. The rent ceiling is a ceiling which divides accommodation based on the amount of basic rent. In 2015 the rent ceiling was set at a basic rent of 710,68 euros. Accommodation is considered below or above the rent ceiling if it is deemed so by the Rent Tribunal’s point system, regardless of the actual amount of rent you pay. For accommodation under the rent ceiling, the overdraft paid on rent can be claimed back from the starting date of the contract.


For accommodation above the rent ceiling, the rent has to be challenged within six months of the contract agreement. If proven you have overpaid in rent, you can submit a rent reduction request. The landlord then has two months to respond to this request. When the landlord disagrees with the request, a procedure will be started with the Rental Tribunal. If the Rental Tribunal rules in favor of the tenant, the landlord will be summoned to pay back the overpaid rent starting from the date you filed the claim.

Rental Tribunal