Tips for contacting your landlord – maintaining a healthy relationship with your landlord
Filing a complaint with the Huurcommissie can be incomprehensible for the landlord. If you have both signed the rental contract, a landlord assumes you agree with the content. A landlord’s reaction may vary, and sometimes may be unpleasant. This is why we think it is important to keep in regular contact with your landlord. Discussing various problems might result in a new agreement without any harm being done to the relationship between you and your landlord. However, if no such agreement can be made, it is wise to follow through with the complaint and forward it to the Rental Tribunal. A verdict by the Rental Tribunal is binding, and the landlord has to comply.

Tips for contacting your landlord – our expert advice and tips
– Unpleasant responses from a landlord are uncommon. Usually procedures run smoothly and a good conversation is all that is needed.
– Sometimes a landlord will respond unpleasantly at first, but complies afterwards
– Do not sign a contract if you do not know what it contains. We advise you to make sure you know exactly what you are signing for. Contact us if needed and discuss the new terms before you agree to them.
– Termination of the agreement after you have filed a complaint is illegal. Always object!
– If you feel threatened or suspect that the landlords enters your accommodation without your permission, contact the Housing Helpdesk. As a tenant you are permitted to change the locks on your accommodation, but only if changing back to the original doesn’t come at any extra costs. It is not advisable to change the locks without due cause, so always contact us for advice before doing so.

The Housing Helpdesk was established to help you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Additionally, we can contact the municipality, the police or the fire brigade to collaborate with us if needed.