The Housing Helpdesk was established in February 2015 by Maastricht University (UM) and the municipality of Maastricht. Experience has taught us that students regularly are faced with problems concerning rent or rented accommodation. Students who live in Maastricht or on of the neighbouring municipalities can now turn to the Housing Helpdesk with such issues. We can give you information, advice and if necessary contact your landlord to address the problem. If we can’t solve the problem for you, we will guide you through the necessary procedures with the Rental Tribunal. The Rental Tribunal is an independent national organisation which can adjudicate when there is a dispute between tenants and landlords.

The Housing Helpdesk is made possible by the University of Maastricht, the municipality, police, fire brigade, Handhaving and Working together we can approach problems in many different ways and aim to solve your problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.